Wondering what property managers should post on social media? Using social media can help you reach more prospective landlords and tenants! Knowing the best way to remain engaging, approachable, and credible as a property manager on social media can be difficult. Chronicle Republic has the goods, to get you posting in no time.

Property management testimonials 

Want to create content that presents your expert property management team in the best light? Make the most of client feedback! Reviews and recommendations are two forms of word of mouth marketing, that can impact your brand’s reputation. By showcasing success stories your customers speak for you. Now your brand’s image rests on more than just promises.

Market updates and commentary

Market updates include current market conditions such as vacancy rates, yield percentages and days on market. However, it can also be broad content such as in-demand property features or general feedback on the rental market. This content will position your social media as a channel for marketplace discussions. Landlords want to make informed decisions. By providing them with a source of clear, accessible, and relevant information you will be the go-to platform for their questions.

Suburb snapshots

Suburb spotlight posts are a great way to give potential tenants or investors, a push in the right direction. These spotlights offer a snapshot of the local lifestyle on offer, the people who live there, investor return and average rent prices. They are also a great way to show your potential landlords that you know your core suburbs inside out.

Investor focused content

Simplify the investment process for landlords. How? By examining any issues that commonly arise. Particularly in relation to your speciality suburbs. A great way to do this is to create content with relevant tips, articles, or current discussions about investment properties. If you have access to third party resources you can tap into such as accountants, depreciation consultants, interior stylists, insurance companies or any other relevant experts try to get an interview with them. Expert interviews are a great way to provide more specific and credible insights to investors. Video is a great way to facilitate this in a visually engaging way. Your interviews should aim to address property management and how best to increase the value of an investment property.

Behind the scenes

Now you’re established as a credible platform, how do you make lasting connections? By being personable! As a property manager social media should act as an extension of your personal brand. Achievable this by showing what daily life is like for the people behind the brand. Showcase your team, whether it be through a day in the life updates, internal training sessions, or ‘meet the team’ posts. Popular content tends to revolve around team celebrations and meetings, as they evoke a sense of transparency in your dealings. This is paramount in building genuine human connections.

Seasonal topics

General community engagement and outreach shouldn’t be overlooked. Posts centred on local community events, upcoming holidays, or well wishes to set a warm and welcoming tone for your platform. Why should property managers create dialogue around seasonal topics? In doing this you position yourself as an intrinsic feature of the local community lifestyle, breaking down the cold company barriers between property managers and potential clientele. But be careful! Ensure all these posts resonate with your audience  by remaining relevant to the geographical, and demographic following of your page.

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