The digital world is a great space to build brands, form strong relationships and grow businesses. Social media platforms provide us with an array of tools to build an unforgettable online presence and create loyal communities. However, with all the positives there is also an element of negative online criticism that does come through and needs to be dealt with.

The way you respond to negative feedback from unhappy clients online can really show off the professionalism of your business, even during difficult situations. The way you engage speaks wonders about your business and helps other clients to determine the brand’s voice. Hence why it is vital to respond to negative feedback in the most professional manner and we are here to share some ideas for how you can.


It goes without saying that you must respond to a customer’s concern within a timely manner. Negative situations should be given priority and handled as soon as possible when it comes through the public comment section or a private message. Responses should be carefully crafted and well thought out whilst being transparent about the situation. It should be managed in a delicate manner to not hurt anyone’s sentiments especially when the customer is taking the time to communicate about a concern online.


Always acknowledge the issue and be understanding of the client’s complaint in the most professional manner. It is essential that you as the company be sympathetic and look at the customer’s perspective to understand why they feel the way they do. It is good practice to be apologetic about the experience the customer is having and mention that you aim to solve the issue. Make sure to address them with their name and have a call to action at the end of the message as well.

Move offline

Once you have acknowledged the problem, it would be ideal to move the conversation offline to either private message or email which should be suggested in your response. This is necessary as you do not want to risk the customer’s privacy by asking for details in the comments section. There are several other followers who can view confidential information so it is best to move offline. This way you can also receive a better understanding of the situation in private and have a longer conversation rather than spamming the comment section.

Take responsibility

You must take responsibility when the customer has had a bad experience. This cannot be stressed enough as you must take initiative and make things right with all your clients. Negative feedback is just a form of constructive criticism and should not be taken personally as it will help you better your service in the future.

Remember to also not delete or hide comments that are genuine complaints as this is not good company practice for solving negative situations. Unless it is offensive and abusive in nature which does not reflect a genuine concern then you may proceed to take the necessary steps to diffuse the situation.

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