Social media statistics are very useful when it comes to deciding what to post and what works best on social media. It would be beneficial for all businesses to stay up to date with what is happening with social media in 2020. There have been many trends in 2020 as social media usage has seen a significant spike during the pandemic when everyone was starting to use several networking apps. Image and video sharing platforms are in high demand more than ever.

Navigating social media can be difficult for new users and having to choose platforms that will be suitable for their business can be a tough choice. But knowing the stats can make the process much easier and we want to share some of the more important numbers with you.


Facebook is Australia’s third highest trafficked site after Google and Youtube. It has 16 million monthly active Australian users on Facebook with most users in the age bracket of 18-39. On a daily basis 50% of the population logs into Facebook and spends time browsing through content. Facebook posts with videos have the highest engagement rate as it sparks curiosity within audiences and they are drawn towards moving graphics. Australia has some of the most active commenters on Facebook compared to the rest of the world.

A large portion of the audience are in an older age bracket and are quite active on the platform compared to users around and under 25. 6 in 10 Australians use Facebook which means 60% of the population are active users. These Facebook stats are a good indication of the fact that this platform would be a great place to start building an online business presence and developing more brand awareness with a large audience.


Instagram ranks third in Australia’s favourite social media apps with over 9 million monthly active users that open the app everyday. 1 in 3 Australians use Instagram and love posting on this image based platform which has seen a range of new features introduced in the past few months, including Instagram Reels. This platform skews towards a younger audience with 68% of their users being Generation Z and 52% being Millennials.

Businesses have also been doing extremely well on Instagram by gaining a high number of followers on their profile and increasing engagement rates. It would be worth investing in creating a business profile on Instagram to gain more exposure to a younger audience and use the different features to market your services.


LinkedIn is the largest B2B platform despite not being the main social networking site users tend to go to. There have been 6.5 million monthly active Australian users on LinkedIn. The site displays a decent amount of browsing time which amounts to approximately 10 minutes per.

73% of large businesses use this platform and are actively researching for new job opportunities and networking. There is also a perception of this social media site being credible and more professional, hence having a LinkedIn page can be beneficial to attract more business attention.

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