After recently attending the Digital Marketing World Forum conference in New York City, it’s clear there are some exciting things happening in the digital marketing space which are set to shape the way we market to our customers in 2017. As a small business owner or a marketer in interiors, property or real estate, you need to know what the top digital trends for 2017 will be. That way you can stay ahead of the marketing curve to stand out from your competitors.

Don’t worry we’ve got your covered!

An ever-evolving industry, there are always new things arising in the digital space which poses challenges for marketers and business owners trying to keep up or stay ahead of the game.

We had the pleasure of seeing various digital leaders speak live at the #DMWF this year, including marketing executives from global brands like Trivago, Pepsi Co, National Geographic, Reebok, Wrigley, Intel Security and Buzzfeed. In addition, to industry experts from companies like Sprout Social and The Social Chain and Glen Gilmore and Sean Gardener from the Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencer’s list!

The line-up was certainly impressive and we came away loaded with new information and tips for both our clients and marketers and business owners in our niche.

So much valuable info came out of the conference that we decided to put together a series of blogs discussing the top trends for 2017.

So! Stay tuned for all the juicy info, we’ll be releasing a new blog each week.

Here’s what’s going to be top digital trends in 2017:

Part One: Hyper Targeted Remarketing

There’s a lot of talk about data and how capturing data, especially from consumer’s online behaviour is an extremely powerful resource for businesses. Large businesses are already investing heavily in capturing, sorting and analysing data about their customers. But what does this mean for small business and how should they be tracking and using data?


Part Two: Micro Influencers

2016 was certainly the year of the influencer. This buzz word has been thrown around so much that people have made careers out of being an influencer and agencies even exist now that represent of the top influencers (some of whom are pets!). The world of the influencer is set to evolve and we’ve got the inside scoop.


Part Three: Private Social Media

Rising privacy concerns and the innate fear that our reputation in business and personal could be affected by our online profile, has seen an increase in passive internet and social media usage and the rising trend of private social media.


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