Networking on social media is imperative for engaging in and building long-lasting relationships with potential collaborators and customers. If you dream of building a strong online community then you should embark on your journey of finding likeminded people online. Social media networking helps you tap into markets that you probably would not have access to easily for in person events. It connects you with niche groups and plays a vital role in building key relationships.

Networking within the same industry proves to be advantageous as it provides you with a vast array of opportunities and collaborations. We share with you some of the best practices to successfully network on social media and have an impact on your peers. Let us get started!

Make An Impression

First impressions go a long way! Establish a strong social media presence on platforms that are most used most within your industry. These can include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Stay active on the things you like, share and post to make your profile grab people’s attention. When you are active and constantly updating your profile, it adds credibility. Be professional but fun when posting content on your social feeds to make you appear more approachable. You can focus on lifestyle content as well as posts showcasing your field of expertise.

Research Your Tribe

Understanding what your clients want makes it ten times easier to network with them and build a valuable set of connections. There are several ways to get started on researching the target audience that you intend to connect with. Use Instagram hashtags to connect with specific niches and find local initiatives or businesses that interest you. This allows for increased engagement with individuals relevant to your company and you can play with a mix of broad and specific hashtags to find people.

Twitter’s advanced search capabilities helps to engage with specific conversations occurring on the platform. You can utilise a list of keywords to understand what is being talked about in the community and join the conversation. Facebook audience insights is another useful tool to look into the type of content people are sharing and how your audience is responding to that. Researching the demographics, interests, location and page likes of your audience will help you tailor your brand’s content to make it more relevant to your followers.

Create A Connection

Establishing communication with potential collaborators or industry leaders is a great way to begin a connection. Create conversations with the local community and be intentional with it to make an impact. Reach out to people with polite messages and be transparent about why you want to connect. This is most effective on LinkedIn, being a professional platform as you can connect by sending personalised notes with individuals in your niche.

Whether you are a real estate agency or Agent you can start by creating a company page and get both current clients and potential customers to follow you. Allowing for the establishment of a community through your social media accounts it produces a platform for two way communication. Connect with high quality contacts in your industry and nurture these relationships to assist you with future collaborations. Engage with other businesses and potential customers through Facebook groups. Provide advice and participate in conversations within these groups and you are well on your way to creating some long lasting connections.

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