LinkedIn is a great tool when it comes to building a professional business profile online. Your online presence on LinkedIn is a great way to make connections and proves to be a valuable networking hub. The platform has introduced some new features that can enhance your profile to make it more fun and engaging and we are here to shed some light on the new and existing features you should be taking advantage of.

LinkedIn Live

In a time where video content has become so necessary to grab people’s attention, LinkedIn has definitely upped their game with their new Live feature. Allowing people to broadcast live video content to their network in real time has proved to be a massive bonus for individuals and companies. It is a fun way to interact with other people and increase your audience by coming together to speak about a topic. One thing to note is that this feature is not available to everyone and you must submit an application form for review.


Reactions makes interacting with posts quicker and easier while maintaining relationships in a professional environment such as reacting to business announcements or a colleague’s promotion. With the option of 6 reaction buttons with different expressions users can respond to these professional updates in a fun and engaging way, similarly to Facebook. It also provides a new avenue for creative marketing opportunities. For example companies can ask their followers to react with a particular reaction button as a response to their post and furthermore enhance engagement.


Polls create opportunities to generate conversations with your audience and network by encouraging audiences to leave comments on the poll post. It also is a useful tool to utilise when seeking feedback from your audience for insights and opinions. You can easily create a poll from the LinkedIn homepage and manage professional surveys.

Blogging interface

The ‘Write Article’ feature is a great way to start a conversation and create interaction amongst your followers. Shedding some light on the latest and most important topics in the professional world while keeping it fun in a blog format is a good way to provide some room for inspiration and insight. You can even add a header image and links within your blog which is useful to create more interest among your readers.

Ask for recommendations

Your LinkedIn profile is a professional space for organisations to find out more about you. It is important that you create lasting professional relationships and request clients or colleagues to leave feedback on your LinkedIn about how their experience was with you. Using this feature to leave testimonials is valuable for potential employers to find out more about you in a quick and assessable way while telling a story about who you are as a person or company.

Manage your skills and endorsements

The skills and endorsements section is a great way to show your work portfolio and the number of skills acquired which are in the form of short words categorised into different skillsets. Viewers can also see the people that have endorsed you for certain skills like communication or team management. It is in the style of a casual resume and easily points out the talent on offer.

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