When it comes to social media, engagement matters! The level of engagement on your Facebook and Instagram posts determines how it will be prioritised by the algorithm and who gets to see your posts.

Metrics such as likes, shares, comments, follows and link clicks are all tools to measure your brand’s social media engagement levels. We share our top tips on how to encourage online engagement and maintain a relationship with your audience.


Community management, also known as responding to your audience, is very important for a brand. You need to acknowledge and reply to comments in a timely manner. This helps build trust and form strong relationships with your clients as they know there are real people behind the online brand that they follow. Answering messages in your inbox also makes clients feel like they are connected to the company and your audience is being nurtured rather than ignored.

To sustain your business for the long term, it is essential to go above and beyond with your online interactions. Using a generic like or comment on a post does not allow for high levels of engagement. Making your followers experience fun with your responses will entice your them to come back to your page and engage with your posts regularly.

Post engaging content

Knowing your audience and what they want to see on their feed is important to help a business to create relevant content for people to engage with on a regular basis. Posting appealing graphics along with video content is much more engaging than plain text when your followers are scrolling through their social media. It sparks an interest among your audiences and urges them to read more about what your post is about.

The type of posts that you can create include funny memes, inspiring quotes, positive messages, valuable market information and topical lifestyle posts. The latest trends and talking points are always something to look out for and include in your social content as it shows that your company is not only well informed but relatable. It is essential to figure out what you can create for your niche audience to drive an emotional response which leads them to interact with your post. Providing engaging content will not only excite your audience but will eventually lead to more followers and help build your brand.

Create activities

In order to invest in deeper online engagement, it would be worth creating fun activities for your followers. Make it exciting for your audience by having competitions or simple quizzes that they can participate in. Asking questions is a perfect way for them to interact with your brand and spark discussion among your users. It also creates a conversation naturally and enhances the personal experience of giving their opinions.

If you really want to go above and beyond giveaways can be an exciting incentive for your clients to engage with your social media posts and be rewarded. Giving your followers something in return makes them feel acknowledged for their engagement and attracts more people to join in. This can be as simple as a discount code, cheaper membership or even a freebie.

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