During these uncertain times where there are constantly new regulations, keeping everyone well informed with updates is crucial. Real estate agents should continue to create a strong connection and regularly communicate with their audiences. Filming videos is a great medium to disseminate information quickly and effectively as it allows agents to build a good rapport with their clients and develop trust.

Understanding who your audiences are and what they want to see is necessary to cater to their interests and needs. The best practice is to monitor what topics and posts get the most engagement on your social media accounts which will further help you understand what type of videos to create.

We share our ideas on what the most relevant videos you can film right now are to reach your audience in the most engaging way.

Market reports

Updating your clients on what is happening in the local area and the rapid changes due to COVID restrictions is something that can easily be communicated in a video. This can be done on a monthly basis and include how the local businesses have adapted to the government regulations.

The local property trends and real estate performance is also a key piece of information to add in the company market report. Keeping your audiences in the loop with the latest details will give them an incentive to follow your posts and stay up to date with any significant changes in the community.


When it comes to most commonly asked questions by your followers, it can be time consuming to individually respond and repeat your answers on social accounts. Addressing any common enquiries you receive in one video, added with relevant facts in correlation to COVID should help clear universal concerns surrounding the property market.

This video can be re-watched by your audiences at their own convenience and help answer all their doubts with assurance. Some of the things you can address in this FAQs video are how to continue selling and buying during COVID, how to keep your property afloat in the market and how lockdown is affecting the real estate industry.

Company profiling

There are a few ways you can go about producing branding videos in order to create a great online presence. One way could be creating a simple video encompassing the ‘area of expertise’ that your business is focused on in the property market. This is a good method to build trust and give an understanding of where you are positioned in the real estate industry.

Another video you could create is a ‘behind the scenes’ segment to add some brand personality. A team interview could be a fun video for your followers to get to know about the people behind the company. The things you could talk about can include what the team’s interests are, why they chose to be in the real estate field and what their interests outside of work are. If you don’t have a team then focus on your own personal passions and hobbies, as well as why you do what you do.

Showcase your clients

A bonus video post the COVID situation can be filmed to display your company portfolio and work achievements to date. This can involve case studies, client testimonials and interviews with clients which are all good techniques to instil confidence in your followers that you can and will deliver a good service.

Showcasing your client success stories and feedback helps other potential clients to make a decision on whether they want to work with you too. These types of videos will prove you are credible and have the required knowledge and experience in the field.

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