In the fast-paced technology-based world we live in, it is no secret that keeping up with the top dogs in social media is a difficult task. Between influencers, small businesses, global companies, and everyone else in between, your content can easily get lost in the big wide ocean of ever-flowing photos and videos from all around the globe.

We are here to narrow down the best social media platforms to be on for you and your business, so that you can get the cut-through in the digital space. First, let’s break down why we recommend using social media to enhance your business model.


Why should you be using social media as a business?

Three words: build brand awareness.

Connecting with your customers and target audience online is extremely important in building validity for your business. The first place people look to see if a company is worth their time is on social media, or on your website. Having these two locations looking professional will work wonders when it comes to generating those leads for your company.


Which platforms are best for my business?

  1. Facebook

Facebook is an important tool that allows your business to reach a targeted audience with the click of a few buttons. Streamlining all of the business aspects you could possibly need, Facebook is not only extremely user friendly but also allows you to collect important data that you can utilise in tweaking your future content. With massive capacity for audience reach, powerful analytics, and targeted advertising, Facebook is an incredible asset to any company.

  1. Instagram

Instagram has grown to having over 1 billion users each and every day, just let that statistic sink in! Beginning it’s journey as a platform for users to share images, it has developed into so much more over the short period it has been around. Instagram allows businesses to show, rather than tell their audience what their product is and how it could benefit them. A key tool for lead generation, Instagram allows your business a platform to thrive upon.

  1. LinkedIn

With over 65 million active users, LinkedIn is a terrific platform for business-related content. The perfect location for networking and building connections, LinkedIn is a popular platform for recruitment. Although there are significantly less users on LinkedIn, the credibility a LinkedIn account can provide for your business or professional profile is unmatched with the other platforms


Need help with your digital marketing?

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