Video is one of the most effective methods of marketing used to engage audiences. It can be considered a powerful tool for real estate agents and agencies to convey key messages about properties or market updates. To produce a great video a certain amount of planning is necessary to execute a good product, especially with time constraints to make short and interesting video content.

The format of video allows for great preparation beforehand so that you can brainstorm ideas, make storyboards and formulate a thorough script to follow. We share our top tips on writing a great video script to help you produce impressive content for your viewers.


The brainstorming process is crucial to make exceptional video content and understand what you want to communicate through that video. Creating a video brief is essential to identify which audience you want to target and what key messages you want to convey to them. You can start off by researching video styles that you enjoy which relate to your company values and branding.

Once you have an idea of the video format you would like to follow, begin to brainstorm key topics that you would like to discuss. It is essential to have a structure and know what you would like to say in the beginning, middle and end to ensure the video flows. It would also be helpful to think about the style of video you want to produce in terms of the framing, music, voice-over and editing style which you can propose to your videographer.

Write away

The fun part comes after brainstorming when you can start writing out a few points that you want to say in your video. Write out the key ideas in bullet points and then create main points under these headings. This way your video will sound more natural whilst giving you room to learn your points and improvise what you would like to say.

It is also important to start your video with a great hook to attract your audience. Ensure that you closely analyse what you have communicated in the first 3-5 seconds as this is the most crucial time to retain the viewer’s attention and entice them to watch the entire video. It is best to go straight into the content rather than having a fancy introduction. Some ways to grab your audience’s attention is by starting with a question. These could include, ‘Want to get the best price for your home?’ as well as ‘Have you ever wondered how to attract the best buyers to your property?’. Otherwise, it would be beneficial to figure out what the ‘pain points’ of the type of client you are trying to target with this video are and use that as your hook.

For interview-style videos (e.g. interviewing a stylist, broker etc.) prepare your questions ahead and send them to your interviewee in advance. Make it conversational rather than rigid and throw in new questions or clarify questions if a relevant one comes to you as you are filming.

Trial and error

Once the key points in your script are finalised on paper, you must rehearse the entire sequence and look at the overall flow of the video to see if it works. Make it succinct and cut out the things that are not necessary for the message you want to communicate. Great videos are concise in their words so you must be objective about your script and only include the points that are suitable for your audience.

If you plan on using a predetermined script, space out each paragraph on the page so it is visually easy to follow and bold the keywords that need emphasis. Film these in a frame that allows you to refer back to your paper script, i.e. if you can have it hidden near you somewhere out of the frame or on the floor near your feet, this will help remind yourself of each line as you are shooting the video. It will be difficult to memorise the whole script so do not pressure yourself into learning every word but do practice it a couple of times before filming.

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